The Kvasir Project

Alternative Energy From Storm Drains

The Kvasir Project aims to develop localized sustainable alternative energy production from rainwater by utilizing existing storm drain systems. By utilizing existing storm drain systems, the Kvasir I, and its successors, can be easily installed and produce electricity when it rains at an economically competitive price. The Kvasir Project’s funding relies heavily on donations and crowd sourcing efforts, so if you would like to help fund the Kvasir Project, you can do so by clicking on the Donate Button.

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Kvasir I alternative energy production visualization

How it Works

The design utilizes the force of gravity with rainwater as it falls through a storm drain. The rainwater then spins a turbine, which then spins a specialized alternator that converts the mechanical energy into electricity. The electricity can then be transferred to a power storage source or directly to the grid. The beauty of the design is that multiple devices can be implemented along a single storm drain pipe, if the building has multiple stories. The Kvasir I prototype is ideal for sustainable alternative energy production at the local level because it is designed to utilize existing structured and it can be seamlessly integrated to be aesthetically pleasing.

Sustainable and Alternative Energy

Sustainable Energy

The need for environmentally sustainable energy solutions is what founded the Kvasir Project. It is imperative that we utilize as many possible sources of energy as possible in order to lessen the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted by conventional energy production. Rainwater falling through storm drains is one of the resources that we can tap into as this resource is frequently occurring in wet climates. The Kvasir Project’s aims are to develop greenhouse gas emission free alternative energy production systems through social innovation in order to facilitate a sustainable transition for the energy sector.